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Maria van den Dool

Founder Synchronicity Lab


About Maria

Maria initiated Synchronicity Lab as a mediating platform & in-person playground for the community that already has formed over the years. It aims to serve as a bedding as well as stepping stones to future visions. Such as building linking healthy 'human-eco-systems' locally and internationally, for those who want to make an impact and be part of the transitions needed in our times to outcompete old systems with the new. 

Maria: "A place such as Synchronicity Lab, was just a matter of time. My intention with Synchronicity Lab is to offer the best ingredients possible, both for internal work & leadership, embodiment work, as well as grounded action towards ones mission, customised to each group and individual."

Maria has been a resident of Crete since 2014, speaks the language and knows the island like an insider. She loves facilitating others in myriad ways, infusing life with inspiration and joy. She sees added value holding the Lab on Crete. The lab can be held anywhere in the world. 

Maria has her a background in teaching, coaching,  training and she is a master in specialised body-work. 

She has a passion for human potential development, embodiment, natural building, making music & art. 

Other Co-Creators


Silal El-Saleh (co-host)

Teal Organisational Developer, Start-up Coach, Marine Biologist, Freediver

After completing her international studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation in 2016, she decided not to devote herself to science but to nature conservation. Her spirit of research extends not only to sharks, but also to the human psyche: Why is humanity destroying the basis of its existence? This question, especially the following one: "What does it take to keep people and the environment healthy?" To understand the human psyche, she wanted to understand our conditioning. The economic system and our politics bring a lot of light into the darkness. 

As a business development consultant, customer success manager and online enablement manager, she gained insight into corporate management, corporate culture, working methods and expectations. 

Currently she is shareholder and co-creator of a teal organisation, and Maker Space the Franz!werk in Tübingen, Germany.

As a start-up coach, she has a lot to do with young projects that work for a more sustainable world and environmental protection. That's when she realised what she’s best at: find out what people are really passionate about. How they want to appear in the world. Which projects make them advance and develop and which ones slow them down and keep them from growing. With some structure and good questions, these ideas become beliefs and ultimately turn to clear actions. This is how heart projects are born. 

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