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Sunday April  30.- Friday May 12. 2023, Vamos, Crete

Image by Fabio Bracht
Image by John Schnobrich

Synchronicity Lab

Make radical aliveness your priority


Make Synchronicity Lab your playground,
home & office for 12 days

Receive the full benefit of the journey

Bring your project and take time to be nourished, inspired, empowered.

You will stay at 2 neighbouring villa's​ with double rooms and lots of private working area's and sports to relax and enjoy around the gardens, including swimming pool, ping pong table, hammocks and a small oak forest.

Our group practices are designed for reflection and strengthening of your internal leadership. The sounding board & sparring sessions, constellation work, nature ceremony and additional 1-on-1 offers, support you in making this time the most valuable experience possible.

What projects benefit from Synchronicity Lab?

Reasons to join

Synchronicity Lab's playground hosts all sorts of projects, close to one's mission. 

The reason why people choose Synchronicity Lab is for its rich environment, the mindset of the people it attracts, high quality feedback and its daily emobidment-focussed ingredients.

Many like to embark for the social aspects of co-working and co-living. Some use Synchronicity Lab as a exploration space to redefine their work-life balance, next step, or foster self care.


Hello to the flow

Connect to your aliveness before anything

A typical day in Synchronicity Lab

could look like this:

  • Sunrise Breathwork Session 

  • Meditation & Yoga or conscious fitness

  • Breakfast

  • Individual productive working

  • Sounding Board Session with coffee

  • individual productive working

  • Body Work Session with Maria 

  • Dinner 

  • Free time / Enfoldings

All program ideas are optional and we decide together on our plans. We also strongly invite you to always follow your impulses and do what feels right.

Where is Synchronicity Lab situated?

You can meet your inspirators, (future) friends and fellow impact makers in real live on Crete. 

The villa's are located in the region Apokoronas, between Chania and Rethymno.

Crete, the largest, most southern island of Europe is considered one the the most impressive Greek islands. With its rugged mountain ranges, hundreds of gorges, almost African climate, and rich history that goes back to the Minoan time, it speaks to the imagination.


Additional Offers

To help you excel at quality of life

Premium Body Work 

1,5 hour session


Problem Solving

Enhances chemistry and vitality  

Embodiment coaching

What story does your body have to tell?

Maria helps you tune in. She is a master in body work, combining her intuition with techniques of myo-fascial release and cranio sacral work.  

​Also you receive valuable reflection in words.


  • "This is what my body should feel like!" - body feels 'whole' again

  • Relief from complaints

  • More grounded, energised and in tune with body's language and needs

Constellation work
Private session of 1,5 h.

"You can close your eyes

for the things you don't want to see

but you can not close your eyes for the things

you don't want to feel"

This amazing tool helps to uncover and embrace systemic dynamics and entanglements, to find your place (anew). 

It allows a way to powerfully enter the realm of feelings, and brings blind spots to light.


  • More at peace with 'what is'

  • Integration of aspects within yourself that 'stayed behind'

  • Clear view on biographical connections you are embedded in 

More info

Inspiration Catalyst & Energy Management €1500

Get into the drivers seat for daily quality of life

Make Synchronicity Lab a starting point for a 10 sessions 90-120 min. 

Get clear on your personal ingredients to healthy habits and belief systems, as foundation for your wellbeing.  Address loose ends, recurring triggers, old patterns. 

Let authentic communication, radical transparency and integrity transform the relationship to self and others.


  • Lasting changes in a way that will never escape you

  • Connection to self, your body, others and your inspiration

More info

Why Crete?

Magical Crete Flow

Most people who have never been are quite surprised, and many get hooked.

Still today, Cretan life has its own unique flow, that whispers its secrets to those who take the time to stay. 

Crete is one of the few islands that has livelihood and cultural events year-round. The island doesn't only depend on tourism, like most other islands. Although tourism is a big source of income, agriculture is just as important. Crete produces most of the nightshade vegetables of Greece, and of course there is the olive harvest in winter.

Winters in Crete

Winter is considered the 'green season'. Under the olive trees everything starts growing and blooming. Citrus and avocado trees yield their fruits. Temperatures can range between 12 and 20 degrees at the coasts. Above 700 m there is lots of snow.

Winters can be just as beautiful as summers, and autumn and spring time are like being in paradise.

Year-round, the island is scented by europe's most aromatic herbs.

In Crete it will be hard to not bump into an occasional live-music scene!

You can endlessly hunt hundreds of unique beaches… and find yourself occasionally the only one there.  

Add in a hammock. Add in the Milky Way. Glorious!

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