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Synchronicity Lab

playground for social regeneration

embodiment & collective intelligence

"Synchronicity is the language that life speaks with you

when you are in tune with who you are in essence"


This lab is by and for those who realize they are creators,  

and for active example setters with integrity

of a society that is conducive to life

In the labs we explore

  • personal ingredients for embodiment

  • synchronicity as an indicator of congruence

  • practice and play with collective & group intelligence 

  • ways to nourish the social mycelium

  • cross-sectoral cross-pollination


What participants say


"I feel that I got real clarity on a project I was working on!

It was facilitated very smoothly, everybody was getting what the juice they needed!

My favourite moment was when I knew that I was gonna get on with everybody.

Ray Fitzsimons (Ireland)

Filmmaker, carpenter, improvisation teacher, musician

Gallery of past Labs



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